Innovating Your Financial Freedom



Innovating Your Financial Freedom




Personalized training workshops

Designed for the small business owner running a sole-proprietorship, the Self-Starter Series is founded on an initial multi-session workshop to orient and train you in doing your own books. Once trained and reconciling, you can always count on us to answer ongoing questions.

full cycle bookkeeping

Everything from monthly reconciliations to Payroll, GST, PST, WCB filings, we do it all--paperless and in the cloud.



Modern Books

We believe in great systems and app integrations to make all our lives easier.

Bookkeeping shouldn't be hard. It shouldn't be a pain. And it shouldn't bog you down!

With our modern systems, you can focus on your business, numbers at hand, ready to grow.


App Integration

Gone are the days of data entry.  Now, accounting systems talk to the bank. They talk to your calendar. They process payments and book appointments. They scan your receipts with your smart phone, read them, and file them.  The world of technology has found accounting and the results are epic.

Sand Dollar Bookkeeping works off a foundation of the Xero Accounting Application. From here, we integrate you with the apps that make the most sense for your business.


Free Your Time

Excellent systems free up time.

Our systems are designed to free up your time to let you do what you do best.


Book a Conversation

Let's start the conversation about how Sand Dollar Bookkeeping can revolutionize your books.