Free Your Time

None of us ever feel like we have enough time.  Not at the office. Not at home. Certainly not enough time at the beach.  When setting up accounting systems, I am obsessed about free time.  I want to have it. I want you to have it.  A good accounting system should remove the boring data entry of 1995's bookkeeping software (still used by many accounting firms) and replace it with technology.  Ever heard 'there's an app for that'?  Well it applies to accounting too. 

I cannot count the number of new client meetings I have had with frazzled business owners overwhelmed by paper, clutching a pile of receipts with a terrified look of 'what do I DO with all this?'.  My response is usually a laugh, 'I'll take care of the past' and then I kind of joke . . . 'what if you could just take a photograph of a receipt and then throw it out?  With some kind of app that read it and filed it for you.  Would that be cool?'  A resounding yes.  'Okay, I'll set that up next week'. 

Imagine you didn't have to stare at the pile of receipts?  Would that free you up?  Imagine your clients could access your calendar to book an appointment and pay for it before they arrived?  Would that free up some time?  What if you could do payroll and never have to worry about remitting to CRA because you had a system that did it for you?  Would you like to auto collect on monthly clients?  Would that free up your time?  Would it help if your unpaid invoices sent out reminders to your clients reminding them to pay? 

If we harness technology to fill these gaps, our time gets freed up.  When we do the books, we aren't focused on 'just getting it done'.  We can look at the numbers--what do they mean?  How is the business doing?  You can plan.  You can grow. You can develop your dream.

And with the leftover time, you can go to the beach.  Might see you there.


Alexis Harrington