2019's Top Apps

Unsurprisingly, I rolled into 2019 deeply in love with new Apps, so now that we’ve all shed ourselves of our resolutions, let’s chat about what I expect will be my most utilized apps of the year.

As I slowly progress through the habit of ‘Konmari’ - ing my home, I learned that my dirty secret of paper clutter is recipes. Ripped from newspapers and magazines or printed from websites, I had a whole shelf of paper mess shoved in a corner of the kitchen.  I decided I needed ‘Hubdoc for Recipes’ and thus entered The CookBook App into my life.  With the ability to load in recipes from websites or photos, this dream of an app can even OCR my Granny’s handwritten shortbread recipe.  CookBook breaks each recipe out between About, Ingredients, and Method, and if prompted it will walk you through the recipe step by step.  With the ability to create meal plans and then generate a grocery list, the only aspect I’m missing is a nutritional breakdown. As my life and my business becomes digitized, I’m delighted that family favourites will remain secure and close via the Cloud.

Anyone who has entered my home can attest to the piles of books that haunt every room. While I have a dedicated library in my office, the ‘to be read’ pile is more piles than one pile with stacks of 4-7 books on filing cabinets, night stands, coffee tables and kitchen counters.  Dutifully, I read each one and move it to a separate pile while I ruminate on its contents.  Finally, it gets shelved in the library or passed on to someone else.  Rarely, they get tossed into a recycling pile in frustration. While my consumption of books could be called veracious, there are times when input through the eyes just can’t be done. Typically when work is overwhelming or other tasks (Konmari-ing the house . . .) take over my time. Thus enters Audible to my life and voila, I can continue to push through the pages. Within the first two weeks of the year, I’ve absorbed 4 audio books while tidying, cooking, or crashed out feeling sick.  This has helped keep me on task with my goal of reading more books in 2019.

 Enter my inventory system of GoodReads. Good reads has let me set a goal for the year and to track books read, in process, or books I want to read.  I’ve found this immensely valuable after reading articles about good books—I can just add it to Good Reads as something I want to read and it’s retained there for reference.  The app can create suggestions of books by genre, allows readers to post reviews and comments, and if you’re keen you can build a base of friends to share your books with.


Lastly, my champion app of 2018 that has deepened my understanding and appreciation of meditation. Highly accessible and completely in tune with my wandering mind, Calm continues to bring, well, calm to my daily life. I expect 2019 to be another great year of Calm meditation. Most days at least.

I imagine most of you were expecting a rundown on cashflow or forecasting apps. Perhaps a new payroll app I’m playing around with. While those are all good and well, at the end of the day, these are the apps that shape my life, so I thought they should be the first to be shared.


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