Back to School- In Your Business

Even as adults, I feel we are programmed into a 'back to school' cycle. Gone are the halcyon days of summer--it's time to get back into a routine and settle into our normal lives again. For kids, they are back in class. As business owners, we get back to the core of our business. And like it or not, that core isn't what you do best or sell. That core is HOW you do it best and how you sell your product. The core is your administrative time.

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Free Your Time

None of us ever feel like we have enough time.  Not at the office. Not at home. Certainly not enough time at the beach.  When setting up accounting systems, I am obsessed about free time.  I want to have it. I want you to have it.  A good accounting system should remove the boring data entry of 1995's bookkeeping software (still used by many accounting firms) and replace it with technology.  Ever heard 'there's an app for that'?  Well it applies to accounting too. 

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Alexis Harrington